August 23, 2017

Neat Desk Reviews – Read This Before You Buy

neat desk reviews picAre you searching for a digital filing system as well as a high speed scanner that can help you organize your work better? The Neat Company brings to you the perfect scanners that are suitable for all your office needs. You will find several Neat Desk reviews along with many positive customer testimonials online that will help reinforce your trust in these wonderful products.

There are 2 Neat scanners that allow you to simplify your daily work. These are:

– NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System
– NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System

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These are not just scanners that help you with your office paper work, but are especially great for identifying as well as extracting key information from the paper files so that they can organised automatically onto your office data base.

They can scan receipts, utility bills, statements and invoices with ease so that you can later find these easily on your system. What makes this possible is the patented “Intelligent Text Recognition” technology used by the NeatWorks software which offers easy digital filing system to any scanned documents.

The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner is a popular award-winning ADF or Automatic document Feeder scanner. It can scan anything – a small bill to hefty documents. And what is even better is that when you have too many pages to scan, it allows you to scan up to 50 pages in a go using a special feature called as ‘lightening batch scanning’.

The best part about these scanners is that they are great for a small scale business as well as can easily be used for people who like to scan all important documents to create a handy database.

NeatWorks allows exporting the data to applications like Turbo Tax, QuickBooks and Outlook as well. Now when you need to find an important document, all you need to do is enter a keyword search and these scanned documents will be ready for printing or copying at a later stage.

The other top scanners you find in the market in the same price range are Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and Visioneer Strobe 500. But neither of these can handle business cards and receipts better than NeatDesk.  Neat scanner is the perfect choice for anyone who is investing in a scanner in order to organize data.

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Neat Scanners feature:

  • The scanning of data is accurate with NeatWorks.  Both NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner come equipped with this “Intelligent Tex Recognition” software. The software inputs the data with perfect clarity from scanned documents into reports and databases.
  • For those who use applications like Excel, Quicken, TurboTax and QuickBooks for categorizing their data and creating expense reports, the NeatDesk is the best buy.  It allows them to use the scanned documents and export the data to which ever software they like to work with using NeatWorks software.
  • Both NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner support TWAIN, which allows you to scan documents even from other softwares like Acrobat, Photoshop or even windows Live Photo Gallery.
  • For those who manage finances at home and use all scanned copies of bills and invoices to calculate their taxes, these NeatDesk products as the best it keeps track of your expenses and helps in managing finances throughout the year.
  • For those with a small business, building a contact database is essential. Yet managing and physically storing thousands of business cards and finding the right one within a few seconds can be physically impossible. With NeatDesk scanners, you can digitally organise your cards by saving them as images and the contact information becomes available in a few clicks, instead of browsing through so many different business cards manually.

What are the difference between NeatDesk and NeatReceipts?

There are so many Neat Desk reviews that will convince you that these products are the best investment for your home office or a small business. But, how can you decide which one of these products is more suitable to your needs?

First things first, the software used by both these Neat scanners is the same. And all the top NeatDesk reviews you find online will confirm that for you. However, the difference lies in their usability as well as their limitations. Let us see how:

  • NeatDesk Desktop Scanner: This scanner facilitates multiple scanning of pages at one go without placing one page after another. It can scan up to 50 documents at a time and also scans 25 pages per minute. It weighs four pounds, which makes it the ideal scanner for a small business or office. It also needs an electrical connection to function.
  • NeatReceipts Mobile scanner: This is a portable scanner which works through a USB port. Though this scanner is portable and easy to use by anyone, it has its limitations. It can only scan one side of page at a time. This scanner is ideal for a home office, if all you need is to scan bills, receipts and invoices to create a home database. It weighs one pound and it can scan 4 pages within the span of one minute.

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Advantages of using the Neat Scanners

The many Neat Desk reviews you will find will tell you that these scanners are the best in the market because they offer you value for money services. Here are the advantages of the Neat scanners:

  • They offer easy and simple digital filing system, which automatically puts all your scanned documents in slots for you. For example – the scanner will recognise business cards, receipts and legal documents and put them in folders for you. NeatWorks, the software used by both scanners, creates searchable PDF files. These allow for editing text using copy/paste, and organize and store in a digital filing cabinet.
  • The NeatDesk scanner read even 2 sided documents and processes them at a much faster rate as compared to other scanners in the same price category.
  • Receipts are recognized in a jiffy and information likes perchance, vendor name, tax total, date and total amount are filled out automatically. This makes your job much simpler. These scanners allow you to edit the information scanned. This comes in very handy if a bill has been torn or wrinkled and a few entries are illegible.
  • The only limitation of these scanners is that they are created especially for scanning documents and aren’t the best scanners for those who need one for scanning pictures only.

Many Neat Desk reviews that are available online will tell you that not only are these products the best, but also the most affordable scanners for those who specially need scanners to scan documents for easy filing and searching options.


  1. does this machine change the date automaticaly from 2011 to 2012 please explain

  2. Norma Daley says:

    Can this Neat Desk or Mobil Scanner be used offline?

  3. One problem with the “DISCOUNT” price – I love Amazon, but they mark up the retail price so it’s not really $100 off. Amazon shows $499 retail on the NeatDesk – Office Max and all other retailers show list for this item at $399 and are on sale right now for $369.

  4. Will this machine copy my mothers massive collection of family history and photos easily?

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